Monday, September 10, 2012


In November, the Center for Creativity and the Arts and the Fresno Art Museum will co-host internationally recognized environmental sculpture artist Patrick Dougherty for a three-week residency.
Dougherty is to create a sculpture installation on the Fresno State campus, work with university students and give a lecture open to the public in the Bonner Auditorium at the museum. Fresno State will also host local K-12 students and public school educators for workshops about the installation.
In conjunction with his campus residency, the Fresno Art Museum will present an exhibition of large-format photographs documenting his installations around the globe. This exhibition will run from October through December.

“We are excited at the opportunity to bring an artist such as Mr. Dougherty to the Central Valley...the theme of his work is timely and compliments our mission,” says Linda Cano, executive director of The Fresno Art Museum.
According to Elva Rodríguez, executive director of Arte Américas in downtown Fresno, “it is a great opportunity to network with the other institutions and to expand the reach of the project to Arte Américas’ audiences and our Cultural Arts District environs.”
As part of the collaboration, Arte Américas will also host a panel discussion on environmental issues raised by their exhibition titled: “IGNITE! The Art of Sustainability.
The McClatchy Fresno Art Endowment was established in 2010 as a permanent endowment of the Central Valley Foundation, founded by Susan and the late James McClatchy. The endowment’s goal is to fund major art exhibitions of national, international or regional importance mounted in the Fresno area.



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